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The Monash Passport

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The Monash Passport is a University-wide framework that underpins Monash’s educational commitment to units and not-for-credit co-curriculum activities. Through the Monash Passport, students are given the opportunity to develop a range of skills and abilities that not only serve as a foundation for career development, but can also be applied to transform local and international communities.

The Monash Passport consists of regular units and not-for-credit co-curriculum activities, classified in four programs:

  • Act: providing students with opportunities to bring about change through community engagement, work-integrated learning activities and peer-to-peer learning.
  • Enhance: preparing students to be critical and creative thinkers who produce innovative solutions to multifaceted problems or to be future leaders.
  • Explore: developing global perspectives through study abroad units or collaboration between the University's Australian and international campuses.
  • Investigate: encouraging students to develop research skills and discover new knowledge through research challenge units or vacation research projects.

Under each program there are several categories:

Program Category
Act Career Development Learning, Industry Linkage, Internship, Peer Assisted Learning, Volunteering
Enhance Advanced Studies, Depth, Leadership
Explore Connect, International Short Field Experience
Investigate Research Challenge

Students who enrol in Monash Passport programs have direct access to a wealth of information and experiences that they may not otherwise have. This enriches both their studies and the development of interpersonal skills, confidence, and personal insight.

What information is included on the Australian Higher Education Graduate Statement about the Monash Passport?

Completion of a Monash Passport program is included on the Australian Higher Education Graduation Statement (AHEGS). The statement describes the benefits of each program e.g. the Act program statement is as follows:

"This student has participated in the Act Program of the Monash Passport, which prepares students to be responsible and effective global citizens through volunteering, internship, industry linkage or peer-to-peer experiences."

The purpose of the AHEGS is to facilitate local and international recognition of Australian tertiary qualifications by providing information about courses, the university where the course was completed, and the Australian higher education sector.

Where can I find more information about the AHEGS?

Please visit,

What is a Monash Passport Depth Unit?

A priority at Monash in recent years is to enhance students' studies via depth units. A Depth Unit is a cross-disciplinary elective offered to students from across Monash. These electives are research-based and explore major global issues such as climate change, health and well-being, and social inclusion. Depth units provide Monash students with:

  • Research skills and knowledge.
  • Interpersonal skills.
  • Hands-on experience.
  • Enhanced employability.
  • Valuable insights from leading researchers and industry experts.

Why does Monash offer Depth Units?

Monash offers Depth Units to provide our students with a richer experience that will challenge them, provide opportunities to work with their peers from different disciplines, and inspire them to consider careers as researchers.

What Depth Units does Monash currently offer?

For further information about Depth Units, please visit 2013 Handbook.

Where can I find information about other categories of Monash Passport units?

The University Handbook is an excellent source of information on Monash Passport units that are currently offered. Please visit 2013 Handbook.

How do I nominate an existing unit to the Monash Passport?

Please download the minimum specifications for Monash Passport Units from the Office of the Pro Vice-Chancellor (Learning and Teaching) website

Please read the minimum specifications, then contact with any questions you may have and email the nomination template to you.

Complete the template, obtain the required approvals and forward it to

How do I nominate a new unit to the Monash Passport?

The nomination of new units to the Monash Passport should be made using the template available at

I'm not sure which program and category I should nominate a unit to. Who can help me?

Please contact

What is a co-curricula program?

A co-curricula program is a 0 credit point program that complements the courses that Monash offers and provides students with a range of experiences e.g. the Peer Assisted Study Session (PASS) consists of weekly study sessions led by second and third-year students for their first-year counterparts in selected core units.  PASS works by using peer relationships to create a supportive learning environment in which students can actively engage with their studies.

The program helps students consolidate unit content, develop study skills and form a network of friends in their discipline. In addition, PASS mentors develop excellent communication and leadership skills.

What other 0 credit point co-curricula programs are included in the Monash Passport?

In addition to PASS, Monash Passport co-curricula programs include the:

  • Vice-Chancellor's Ancora Imparo Student Leadership Program.
  • Talented Students Leadership Program, offered by the Faculty of Science.
  • Leadership in a Technological Environment program, offered by the Faculty of Engineering.
  • Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences Student Ambassador Program.

How do I nominate a co-curricula program to the Monash Passport?

Please contact

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